Bringing fine art and luxury into everyday life, designer Carrol Boyes’ functional art pieces have made her a household name in South Africa and helped her create a successful global brand. Her high-end homeware and lifestyle items, ranging from beautiful butter knives to elegant side tables, are distributed in some 30 countries and are exclusive, timeless investments. The Carrol Boyes Wines Collection is an extension of the brand and is made for sharing and enjoying as a celebration of the art of living.

As our flagship range, the Carrol Boyes Wines Collection was developed by Carrol together with Barnardt Boyes co-founders, Neels Barnardt and her brother, John Boyes. The bottles feature original artworks by Carrol and our head winemaker, Hendrik Snyman, crafted the liquid inside.


“The Carrol Boyes Wines Collection is all about the best possible quality. When making these wines, we tend to forget about the trends and just focus on what is the best possible wine we can create for that year, given what we have access to. This means that we’re flexible on what varietals end up in the bottle – as long as it’s the best on offer,” says Hendrik.


The Carrol Boyes Wines Collection includes an outstanding Chardonnay, as well as a Cape Blend and Shiraz that have scooped up numerous international accolades. But the Carrol Boyes Iconic Champagne Premier Cru Blanc de Blanc cannot help but steal the show. It was officially approved by the Comité Interprofessional du Vin de Champagne – the committee that ensures that only wines that use grapes grown in France’s Champagne region can label their wines as “champagne”.


Why wait? There’s something worth celebrating every day, so bring out the special crockery and open one of these special bottles of wine. They are currently being distributed in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, China, Japan, Korea, Canada and Belgium. Soon, you’ll also find them in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Mauritius and Angola.


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