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The wine comes first. Our winemaker tirelessly search for the finest grapes and carefully craft exceptional wines. It doesn’t matter whether the wine is elegant or serious, commercial or obscure. What matters is that they offer great value for money at any price point and are always temptingly delicious.


Wine of Origin

Our location in Stellenbosch in the heart of the Cape winemaking region gives us easy access to a variety of South African Wines of Origin from areas that include Darling, Swartland, Robertson and Elgin to name a few.


product The Product Packaging

The team at Barnardt Boyes stays on top of rapidly changing wine trends and customer preferences to offer packaging solutions that are perfectly in tune with global price points and customer needs.


Exporting the Product

We offer comprehensive, flexible logistical solutions tailored to your needs and current market trends. We’ll take care of every aspect of creating, growing and exporting the wine brand, including sourcing, quality testing, shipping and distribution.


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We’ll help you create, market and distribute your own custom wine brand. Ready? Enquire now to get started.

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Why Choose Barnardt Boyes Wines?

We have years of experience and skill in marketing and distributing wine brands across the globe. What’s more, our

location in the heart of South Africa’s Cape winemaking region gives us access to some of the best vineyards and

winemakers. Take a look at what makes our region unique.


The fertile soils range from extremely old and well-weathered coastal soils, to lime-rich, non-acidic soils beyond the mountainous inland areas..


The climate is Mediterranean, but gets cooler closer to the coastal areas, where the meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans creates unique conditions.


From our location in the heart of the region, we have access to a wide variety of the best grapes from the surrounding areas.


Sunny South Africa truly lives up to its name and here in the Western Cape our vineyards thrive under the warm summer sun.


We have access to outstanding vineyards in areas as diverse as coastal stretches and mountain slopes.


Our region has a centuries-old winemaking history and today boasts a wide selection of world-class wineries.

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